A Better Way Massage


Investing in massage is an investment in your health


Therapeutic Massage

 A variety of modalities used based on individual assessment, stress reduction and therapy needs.

Rates: 30 min ($35), 45 min ($55) , 60 min ($70), 75 min ($80), 90 min ($100), 120 min ($130)*



Medical Massage

A variety or combination of modalities are used to treat specific needs based on medical necessity, may require a doctor referral, insurance is billed in 15 min units at $43.50 per unit Insurance coverage and co pays vary based on individual plans.  Not all insurance covers 100%.  Some insurance may require in-network practitioner for treatment. Contact our office for more information. 503-410-5623.



Hot Stone Massage

Is a deeply relaxing massage using the therapeutic value of heat.  Hot stones are used in either a gliding technique or as a deep tissue tool.

Rates: 60 min ($75) and 90 min ($105)


Table Thai Massage

Performed by a certified practitioner, Thai Massage is the use of assisted yoga-like stretches to increase flexibility and range of motion, decrease pain and tension, increase circulation and energy flow

Rates:  30 min ($35), 60 min ($70), 90 min ($100)



 Reiki is the use of life force energy by a certified Reiki Master to improve energy flow to assist in improving overall health.

Rates: 30 min ($45), 60 min ($65)



Essential oils can be added to enhance the therapeutic value of massage

Rates: 30 min ($40), 60 min ($75), 90 min ($105)


Pre and Post Natal Massage

An experienced practitioner will assist in providing stress reduction and treatment of aches and pains for mothers and mothers-to-be. We offer the option of comfortable side-lying positions or a specially designed pregnancy pillow for face down comfort. Request when scheduling


Rates: 30 min ($40), 60 min ($75), 90 min ($105)


Honored Citizen and Veterans Massage

Ask us about our special time of service rates for Honored Citizens (65 or older) and Veterans  save up to $20 per session.



Ice and Heat Therapy

Therapeutic heat and ice options are available.



Chair Massage

Available for some of the above services in increments of 15 minutes.

On Site chair massage is available for groups, events, and offices. Please contact us for quote.